Friday, February 22, 2013

Well today is another day, I will struggle through it and I will survive it, because I am strong. Is just surviving from day to day all there is for me? I hope and dream of a life with less stress and more peace. A life that I can final be myself, be accepted and be loved as my true self. A life where the people that I love and care about love me for who I really am. I want to feel loved, secure, and peaceful. I want to view tomorrow as bright blessed day not a gloom filled day that I must act a certain way to survive then repeat the next day. Is that wrong of me to wish for such things? An outsider would see my current life as almost idealistic. So, does that make my hopes of changing this life a selfish need? I do know, I do not want to hurt or upset anyone I care about but at the same time I must look out for my own happiness. Dr. Seuss wrote, “Life is a great balancing act” in his book, “O the place you will go”. It is days like today that I feel I am not doing a good job at balancing my life.

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