Monday, December 8, 2008

Would you leave your spouse if they were diagnosed with gender dsyphoria?

If your husband or wife told you that the consular they had been seeing had diagnosed them with gender dsyphoria. (Meaning they were a transsexual but had not start to transition.) Would you stay with them or would you leave? Which ever you would do please explain why?


  1. Funny you should ask. I wrote a Blog (kinda) about this same question. Its called "My Wife Bob".

    I think before having entered the Trans-community and being educated and enlightened, my answer would have been "yes"... sadly. It took me going through transition myself to understand and so I think NOW if should would decide she is transitioning, I would stand by her - that is as long as she wants me.

  2. At first I never understood why I thought it would be so easy to accept that, but I later came to empathize with my wife and fully understand how painful this is.

    Her choice to stand by me even today amazes me, and I may never truly understand or appreciate the great love our spouses give to overcome this transition from a husband to a wife.


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