Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why is it ok in Western Society for women to wear men's clothing and TABOO when men wear women's clothing?

Ever wonder; why it is ok in Western Society for women to wear men's clothing and TABOO when men wear women's clothing?

Why do you think Western Society is like that?

Is it because Western Society is a male dominated society, and thus must treat anything feminine as being inferior?

I find this weird because not too long ago in Western Society men wore clothing that would be considered "feminine" by today standards.

Is it comfort? Suggesting that all women’s clothing is uncomfortable so they are forced to wear men’s clothes for comfort?

Is it homophobia? A man wearing a skirt must be gay?

Is it religion? Some religions state that men should not wear women’s clothing. Again, looking to history (not that long ago) what was consider acceptable macho male attire would be consider very feminine today.

It just seems that this is an unfair double standard in Western Society that we just keep accepting and passing on from one generation to the next.

What do you think?


  1. It's an unfair double standard all right, but the fact is that women are permitted to wear ANYTHING. Men's clothing doesn't make them look any less like women. Women's clothing, however, make men look very different than what's perceived to be the acceptable heterosexual male. I went out wearing my high-heeled boots with clothes that pass for men's clothes, and the boots alone got me some looks. It definitely has nothing to do with comfort, because I've found women's clothes to be way more comfortable than men's. Also, men don't want the confusion of seeing other men wearing what looks nice on women, and women generally aren't interested in men that look like women. I'd rather just be a woman in order to wear women's clothes.

  2. I would speculate that religion is the main reason. With 80+ percent of the US population being Christian and some large percentage of that number being conservative Christian, and then all the decades and decades of teaching that the Bible frowns on crossdressing (Deuteronomy blah blah) and homosexuality. It's going to be hard to undo that kind of thinking quickly. To the masses, a man in heels = gay = bad or at best odd. Even though he may be straight, married or completely different from the perception. It's called sterotyping. Too bad.

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